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Extension of the aerocom pneumatic tube system at Stuttgart Hospital

16 November 2022

With aerocom pneumatic tube systems you remain flexible.

Since the initial order, the installation at the Stuttgart hospital has grown steadily and in recent years further buildings have been successfully connected to the existing pneumatic tube system.

The flexibility and expandability of our AC 3000 multi-line system has been proven many times over. With 42 zones and 120 TITAN stations for 160mm diameter carriers, the system ensures the smooth distribution of blood samples and blood products. More than 3500 metres of PVC and stainless steel tubes have now been laid for this purpose. The efficient distribution of carriers is realised via 3 modern linear couplers.

For the transport of frozen sections, a further 3 zones with 14 PREMIUM stations in AD110mm have been installed.

This successful expansion underlines the adaptability of aerocom's pneumatic tube systems and their ability to efficiently meet the increasing demands of modern medical facilities.