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Greater efficiency in internal logistics and operating theatre operations

07 August 2023

Aerocom won the Europe-wide tender for the implementation of a pneumatic tube system at the Carl Gustav Carus University Hospital in Dresden.

Until now, tissue and blood samples have been taken by the hospital's own couriers on foot, by bike or by car from the operating theatre to the relevant experts in the pathology department or laboratory. It takes around 20 minutes for a sample to reach its destination. With a pneumatic tube system, this time can be at least halved. This shortens the duration of a tumour operation, for example, which is easier on the patient and makes the operation more efficient.

In this way, up to 6,000 despatches will be sent fully automatically on their journey across the hospital campus every day. This makes the pneumatic tube system at Dresden University Hospital one of the largest systems of its kind in the world.

"With this investment, we are making the leap into a new dimension of internal logistics. We were able to engage the world market leader in the field of pneumatic tube systems to equip the hospital with a high-performance system that meets the complex requirements of a university hospital," says Wilfried Winzer, Commercial Director.

The University Hospital Dresden benefits from the cooperation and experience of the Leipzig University Hospital, which has had a modern pneumatic tube system from Aerocom for some time.

Wilfried Winzer and Dr Wolfram Pfitzer signing the contract on 18 January 2016.
Wilfried Winzer and Dr Wolfram Pfitzer signing the contract on 18 Jan 2016.