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16 buildings connected by pneumatic tube sytem

01 September 2023

University Hospital Cologne connects their campus

Aerocom has been awarded the contract to supply and install a pneumatic tube system at Cologne University Hospital and is currently installing the extensive pneumatic tube system during ongoing operations.

On the campus in Cologne, 16 buildings and around 100 sending and receiving stations are to be connected with each other for the dispatch of blood samples to the central laboratory and the distribution of medicines from the pharmacy.

To ensure a fast and effective distribution of the carriers (OD 160mm), 3 main linear couplers and 2 sub linear couplers as well as approx. 50 zones will be implemented.

The entire system is controlled by our modern AC 4000 multi-line system, which also transports carriers in a multi-carrier-operation to distant locations.

In the new central laboratory, the arriving carriers with laboratory samples will be automatically emptied and transferred to the analysers. This will be realised using our automatic unloading station with our special carriers.

In addition, critical medications will be stored securely in temporary storage depots at special stations and can only be retrieved individually by authorised persons. (secured transport)

In its final stage, this project will set a milestone in Germany with automatic unloading and secure medication transport.


Automatic Unload & Secured transport
Automatic Unload & Secured transport