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Validation and diagnosis of pneumatic tube installations

31 October 2023

With the VitalQC quality instrument, you are on the safe side!

Pneumatic tube systems are used in hospitals around the world to transport blood and tissue samples efficiently and quickly to the laboratory. It is becoming increasingly important to ensure that external influences during transport, such as acceleration forces, do not affect the analysis results.

In order to fulfil these demanding requirements, we have entered into a pioneering cooperation with the company Motryx, which are specialized on the diagnose of transport processes.

Using a data logger in the form of a blood sample collection tube, external influences such as acceleration, G-forces and temperature fluctuations are measured and enable comprehensive quality control and logging.

VitalQC has been specially developed as a system process diagnostic tool for pneumatic tube transport systems in order to fulfil the quality and safety standards of the accreditation requirements for the transport of blood products. A comprehensive and informative report is issued for this purpose.