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Solutions for the secure transportation of cash

Increased safety:
With a pneumatic tube system, no longer will employees be required to manually transfer of cash from point-of-purchase areas to the central cash office. The exposure and high risk associated with this task is eliminated as well. pneumatic tube system stations installed in plain view are a pro-active deterrent to potential criminals as they recognize that their potential haul is likely not to be worth the risk.

Improved efficiency:
Regular and efficient removal of the cash helps to minimize the amount of cash maintained in each register. Scheduled ongoing removal of the cash from each register streamlines the count and balance procedures in the central cash office. Rather than deferring cash counting, balancing, and related procedure to the end of the day or shift, these processes can be conveniently spread throughout the day, resulting in considerably more efficient work flow. Labor cost for routing change requests, supplemental cash orders, deposits, and supply items can be a thing of the past through the use of an aerocom pneumatic cash handling system.
Dependent upon the currency, the amount to be carried plus the application, we would select a diameter to suit your requirement ranging between 50 mm to 160 mm.

  • From checkout to safe keeping

    Typically, one way pneumatic tube systems connect points of purchase to a secured receiving station (safe or lockable cabinet) in the central cash handling area. The cash is transported in carriers or safety-bags. Carriers and bags can be outfitted with locks for tamper-resistance and controlled access. Aerocom pneumatic tube systems offer nearly unlimited freedom of design. Stations can be installed to deliver the carriers vertically or horizontally, with carriers arriving from overhead, or underground.

    One way systems have proven to be effective at improving the efficiency and security for supermarkets, multiplex cinemas, banks, toll stations, amusement parks, and a wide variety of retail merchants and department stores.

    Typical applications are:

    One way systems have proven to be effective at improving the efficiency and security for supermarkets, multiplex cinemas, banks, toll stations, amusement parks, and a wide variety of retail merchants and department stores.

  • The ultimate in flexibility, security, and efficiency

    Two way systems offer considerably more than simply the ability to route cash deposits back to central cash rooms. With the flexible designs afforded though the use of diverters, the central cash office can provide cash replenishment and fill change requests in seconds. And, the cashier never has to leave the checkout.
  • Other system benefits:
    All dispatches are controlled and routed by the system's microprocessor. Complete audit trails which detail date, time, sending station, and receiving station can be output to a printer. The system's modem allows for remote system diagnostics. This improves system up-time by permitting technicians to diagnose performance concerns prior to their arrival. With remote diagnostics, the vast majority of service calls are quickly resolved over the phone. For transporting change and other delicate items Aerocom's integrated pneumatic braking system insures a soft arrival.
    An integrated modem allows high-quality service of the pneumatic tube system.
    The diagrams shows an standard configuration: a system layout for dispatch to and arrival from below. The tube is installed underground (top) or at the ceiling (bottom).
  • 504The photo shown to the right is of a bank's central cash control area. Each of the send/receive stations provides a two way connection between the many service areas within the facility and this central cash control area. Not only does this create an efficient and convenient means to supply these service area with the cash they require, it also allows the service areas to route excess cash back to the central cash control area for counting and safekeeping. This, along with the system's audit trail, provides the institution dramatically improved efficiency, security, and control.

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