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Customised solutions for different applications.

Material-logistic in the industry or retail market
Whenever materials of any kind have to be transported internally in a rational way, the aerocom team provides worldwide the customised solution for everyone through innovative technology and high quality products - irrespective of the distance which has to be covered.

Items weighing anywhere from 1 gram to 28 kilograms, up to 30 cm in diameter and up to 50 cm in length can be transported in a pneumatic tube system. In this category you can find a whole lot of things: E.g.: paper, coins, bank notes, blood samples, medicine, spare parts, documents, X-ray films, hot steel samples, milk, oil, etc...

  • Application of a pneumatic tube system in the automotive:

    Transportation of individual parts, for example keys or measurement equipment just in time at the assembly line.

    In the central-magazine-unit all the carriers with the keys are stored before they will be sent to the assembly line, for example to install these items in the door, in the panel or in the back door of a car.
  • Application of a pneumatic tube system for freight companies or in the airport:

    At the goods receiving department we send the carriage or weighting documents with our pneumatic tube system in a very short time to the administration office.

    Also samples of cement, food, oil or steel could be transported to the laboratory.

    For an example in an airport, we also send goods or individual parts in an carrier with 315mm diameter.

  • pneumatic tube systems for Clean Rooms and Contamination Control Area:

    Our specially designed pneumatic system allows "Hot-Picks" to be sent directly into the Clean Room. "Hot-Picks" are all materials required for the assembly of the surgical sets that are not stocked and available in their Clean Room. The ability to get "Hot-Picks" directly to the Clean Room significantly increases production efficiency. Assembly technicians need not wait on unavailable material.

    System benefits:

    • Increased production efficiency
    • Reduced payroll by eliminating manual transport of materials
    • Elimination of securtiy guard supervision of transporting materials

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