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PharmaPost - Innovative, flexible and guaranteed to improve customer service

Automated storage technology for pharmacies wit the pneumatic tube system
The distance between the pharmaceutical storage area and the pharmacy counter is no problem with aerocom's PharmaPost. The pneumatic tube system instantly and automatically dispenses and transports remotely stored pharmaceuticals to sales counters and work stations.

Maximize retail space and improve operating efficiency
Most pharmacies commit a large part of what should be profitable square footage to the storage of pharmaceuticals. The pneumatic tube system PharmaPost allows pharmacies to remotely locate pharmaceutical storage. Whether automated loading or manual, PharmaPost turns storage areas into valuable, revenue producing square footage.

  • PharmaPost allows the pharmacist to determine when the medication is presented at the sales counter. This gives the pharmacist the freedom to consult with customers without interruption.
  • Aerocom's multiple station options, along with PharmaPost's modular component design, provide the ultimate in design flexibility. Aerocom can customize a pneumatic tube system to meet any design criteria.
  • The drawing shows the manual loading (1) and the automatic loading system (6). The delivery stations can be integrated into a work counter (2) and/or the sales counter (3,4,5). The aerocom "PharmaPost-pneumatic tube system" is the perfect link between remote pharmaceutical storage areas and the pharmacy sales and work counters.

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