Pneumatic Tube System – Product Overview

aerocom is a leading manufacturer of modern pneumatic tube conveyor systems.

We have the experience and expertise to custom design solutions for virtually any application in pneumatic tube conveyor logistics. We can provide special technical solutions to meet individual customer specifications. We have the solution for different application in varied areas, for example pneumatic tube transportation in hospitals, industry, pharmacies or laboratories and also for cash-handling in banks, supermarkets and petrol stations.

The latest production methods and optimal working conditions for our employees guarantee a continouly high quality level of our products.

02 AC3000-Titan-StationPneumatic Tube System Stations
Sending- and receiving stations are equipped with the latest microprocessor technology for fully-automatic dispatch of stored carriers.

Single- and multi zone systems with various programming options, visualization, statistics and report functions.

01 verdichterPneumatic Tube System Components
A pneumatic tube system consists of various components such as blowers, diverters, tubes and transport containers.


Made in Germany – this is not just a claim that we make for the quality of our products but a standard that applies to the entire range of our products and services for pneumatic tube conveyor systems. 

The latest production methods and optimal working conditions for our employees guarantee a continuously high quality level of our pneumatic tube systems.

Why to use a pneumatic tube transportation system:

Because you will increase your efficiency for the internal logistics with a pneumatic conveyor system and you will safe lots of time and expenses!!!


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