Why Pneumatic Tube Systems?

Aerocom is the world leader in pneumatic tube systems technology. In addition to possessing the widest range of standard products in the industry, we also have the experience and expertise to custom design system solutions for just about any application.

We provide factory direct representation and support of our pneumatic tube systems products through our 10 offices in Germany as well as 6 offices in Europe. Through our exclusive distributor network, Aerocom pneumatic tube system products are represented, installed and supported in 80 countries around the globe.

Advantages of Pneumatic Tube Systems

  • Because pneumatic tube system solves internal transport problems with a speed of 6 - 8 m/sec. That saves time, energy and allows your staff to concentrate on more important matters instead of running errands.

  • You can transport almost everything with our pneumatic tube system: Items weighing anywhere from 1 gram to 28 kilograms up to 30 cm in diameter and up to 50 cm in length. In this category you can find a whole lot of things: E.g.: paper, coins, bank notes, blood samples, medicine, spare parts, documents, X-ray films, hot steel samples, milk, oil, ... So you can be sure, that we are also able to transport your items.

  • pneumatic tube systems can be applied in all business types. Our customer records definitely confirmed that the application of the aerocom pneumatic tube system is unlimited:

    • Industries,
    • Supermarkets,
    • Cinemas,
    • in the administration and the production areas,
    • hotels,
    • as well as in the automobile industries,
    • workshops,
    • railway station and post office,
    • hospital and banks,
    • newspapers and steel works -

    and this, worldwide.

  • Aerocom delivers the custom-made pneumatic tube system for all sizes of companies; from a two-point system up to a micro-processor controlled multizone system up to 512 stations.
  • Practically everywhere. Either horizontal or vertical installation and not only within the same building.

    There are aerocom pneumatic tube systems connecting buildings which are far apart and even streets and rivers are not an obstacle for us.

    We are sure to have the convinient solution for your transporting problem!

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