Hygiene Solutions COVID-19

Especially in times of COVID19, it is important to ensure distances from one another and to reduce personal contacts.

The AEROCOM team with its modern pneumatic tube transport systems has the perfect solution!

Our systems transport your samples and goods within a building, or even by a  underground connection to neighboring buildings, very quickly, efficiently and extremely hygienically.

Benefits of our Tube Systems

  • Limits the amount of face-to-face interaction 
  • Allows you to quickly and carefully deliver items safely and securely, while continuing to maintain social distancing standards
    • reduction in transportation routes
    • no air exchange at the passing-through-stations
    • using of special hygiene filter at end-stations
  • Easy disinfection of transportation carriers
  • Unproblematic tube disinfection through desinfection carrier
  • Reduction of virus / bacteria growth through the use of anti-bacterial tubes

 Disinfection carrier2Luftfilter

 HEPA hygiene filter                                                                                         desinfection carrier



 Cl Tube FunktionCl Tube2

 Antibacterial PVC pipes


Talk to our specialists - we have the right solution for you!!


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