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AC 660

The Cash handling system

The AC 660 is mainly used in the area of cash handling.
Typical applications for cash handling systems are petrol stations, small and medium sized supermarkets, cinemas, banks and toll booths.

One way operation

- For cash deposits from different checkout stations to the secure area

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Sending stations can be connected in sequence and are easy to install to suit the building and the customer’s requirements. Lockable versions can be supplied on request. Each station comes complete with integral LEDs showing all functions/states of the system. Sending stations cannot communicate with each other directly.

Two Way Operation

- For supplying cash and change

04 AC660 anlage bargeldentsor tresor

A microprocessor controller monitors and coordinates the sending processes and functions of the stations. Reports from each transaction can be printed, showing: date, time and station number in clear text. In addition, previous dispatches are stored within the system’s memory. The main station in located the secure area. If change is required by the checkouts, the main station sends it there accordingly. The pneumatic system is designed to ensure that the carriers are gently braked on arrival.

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