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Modern pneumatic tube systems

Solutions for your transport automation

Pneumatic tube systems in hospitals

Are you looking for potential savings and solutions for internal transports in hospitals?

With a pneumatic tube system, all kinds of laboratory samples, blood products, drugs, documents, medical instruments, injections, cytostatics, instantaneous sections, etc. can be transported.

PharmaPost - the clever and flexible pneumatic tube solution

Automated and efficient storage technology for your pharmacy.

With the PharmaPost transport system, even difficult and longer distances can be managed, completely independent of the location of the automated pharmacy storage system.

Solutions for secure cash transport

Cash handling, a secure and efficient pneumatic tube system to minimise the risk potential for cashier staff and in-branch cash transport.

Material logistics in industry and retailing

Tailor-made solutions for a wide range of industrial applications to transport materials and samples quickly and safely to their destination.

Creativity with modern technology

Modern art installations meet pneumatic tube technology. Be inspired by the diverse possibilities.