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An international company

State-of-the-art technology with a long tradition

About us

The world's leading manufacturer of pneumatic tube systems

Aerocom is a young-at-heart, traditional company in the field of transport automation and has impressively established itself in recent years as the world's leading manufacturer in the special market segment of pneumatic tube systems.

We have a long and successful history

Pneumatic tube systems have been successfully manufactured in the Stuttgart area since 1952. Since 1996 Aerocom has been the name and brand of the company, which in 1980 merged with traditional manufacturers such as Aeropost, Airfix and Aerotrans. Brands that still stand for quality, reliability and technical progress in pneumatic tube systems. An important step into the future was taken in 2001, when the company moved its headquarters to Schwäbisch Gmünd, into a modern production and administration building. More than 35,000 Aerocom pneumatic tube systems have been installed in many different business sectors. This has made Aerocom the world's largest manufacturer of pneumatic tube systems. The reputation of Aerocom pneumatic tube systems is undisputed in all market and product segments.
Partner worldwide

Aerocom is present in 85 countries.

We achieve comprehensive customer proximity and presence through our own technical offices in Germany and our branches in Europe. Furthermore, we are globally represented by exclusive, carefully selected, and well-trained distribution partners.