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Product overview

Overview of our our sending and receiving stations

Aerocom offers a wide range of throughput and end stations for the wide range of requirments and applications. The stations send the carriers fully automatically to the the desired destination. The entire transport process is graphically displayed in the monitoring software and can be evaluated in the statistics. State-of-the-art transponder technology provides complete tracking of the dispatches.

Overview about the most important components of a pneumatic tube system

A pneumatic tube system consists of several main components: A compressor generates the necessary pressure and suction required for transport. The material is transported in precisely fitting transport containers, the carriers. Destination selection and the loading of the filled carriers takes place at stations. These stations also eject incoming carriers from the system.

Overview of our control systems

Aerocom offers a different controlling systems for single and multi-line systems to suit different applications and customer requirements.
From simple point-to-point connections to microprocessor controlled systems with graphic display or 7" touch display, we can meet the diverse needs of our customers.