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Material logistic

Material and sample logistics in industries

We offer customised solutions for a wide range of applications in the automotive and aviation industries, in quality assurance, for freight forwarders, in clean rooms as well as in steelworks.

The requirement is to transport materials, samples or small parts quickly and reliably to their destination, even over long distances.


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Automotive industry

Application examples for reliable pneumatic tube systems in industry:
Parts, components, test equipment, tools and adhesives need to be sent to the assembly line in the automotive and aviation industries safely and on time. Any objects, from 1 gram to 28 kilograms, with a diameter of up to 315 mm and a length of up to 500 mm, can be transported via a pneumatic tube system.

Food production & pharmaceuticals

Material and sample transport in the clean room
In the cleanroom, samples and materials are sent via the specially developed pneumatic tube system, primarily for quality assurance purposes. These are transported to the requesting location via pneumatic tube within a few seconds. Thanks to this fast and efficient transport system, it is no longer necessary to use the airlock.

Advantages of the pneumatic tube system:

  • Reduction in transportation times of goods
  • Transport option without opening the access airlock
  • Reduction of new air entering the cleanroom due to multiple opening of the airlocks

Copper, aluminium & steel plants

Transport of metal samples
In the metal industry, samples have to be transported from widely separated production areas over several hundred metres to the quality control area. In these harsh environments, we have designed special sending and receiving stations, diverters and transport carriers for these applications in order to fulfill these requirements.


Forwarding companies

Document transport in freight forwarding or warehouse logistics
From the gate or goods receiving area, a pneumatic tube system quickly delivers freight papers, weighing slips and documents directly to a freight forwarder's dispatcher.