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Cash handling

Solutions for secure cash transport

The Security
The high risk for cashier personnel when openly handling cash or the dangerous manual transport on the premises is avoided. Purposely visible installed pneumatic tube systems have an extremely deterrent effect, as the expected loot is minimized with continuous skimming.

Change is kept to a minimum. The continuous workflow in the main cash office is streamlined by continuous cash skimming. Labour costs for cash pre-skimming and manual change supply are reduced. Cash handling systems offer the right solution for the individual needs of retailers. Depending on currency, skimming amount and application, tubes with nominal diameters between 50 mm and 160 mm are used in the cash handling field.

We have the right solution for you!

One-way operation

For skimming cash
Pneumatic tube systems in one-tube directional operation connect individual cash points with a receiving station (safe or, on request, lockable housing station) in the security area. The cash is continuously skimmed off in carriers. The station mounting at the cash points is horizontal or vertical, depending on the requirements of the cash point. The carriers are lockable on request.

Typical applications are:
supermarkets, cinemas, banks, petrol stations as well as toll booths.

Two-way operation

For cash skimming and change supply

Two-way systems offer considerably more than simply the ability to route cash deposits back to central cash rooms. With the flexible designs afforded though the use of diverters, the central cash office can provide cash replenishment and fill change requests in seconds. And, the cashier never has to leave the checkout.

Advanced cash control

Our cash logistics system is based on many years of experience in cash handling and knowledge of the requirements of international markets for a modern cash tube system. The sending process is fully electronically monitored and real-time logs document the date, time, and the sending station and receiving station.

Cash management

The picture shows a sending and receiving center of a larger bank. From here, the individual service points within the bank or in the advisor's office are approached centrally and supplied with cash or documents. All pneumatic tube transmission processes are visualized on the screen and can be tracked.

Cash logistic for casinos

A security-based transport system specifically designed for casino applications to automate processes from a security perspective.

  1. CasinoCash connects the individual gaming tables with the cash register of a casino.
  2. CasinoCash transports chips, cash, checks, playing cards, documents, etc. to the individual dispensing stations or back to the main cash register.
  3. CasinoCash can also connect restaurants and bars to the cash register.