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PharmaPost - the clever and flexible pneumatic tube solution

Automated storage technology for your pharmacy
PharmaPost automates the transport of medicines from the storage area or an automated pharmacy storage system to the pharmacy counter.
With this pneumatic tube transport system, even difficult and longer distances can be managed, completely independent of the location of the automated pharmacy storage system.

A large part of the expensive dispensary area is used for the storage of medicines. Outsourcing to more cost-effective premises makes your dispensary larger and your pharmacy more efficient. PharmaPost offers system solutions for manual and automatic filling and dispensing.

We have the right solution for you!


Customer consulting and sale by the pharmacist is no longer interrupted by reaching into the drawer. You decide when the medications are ready to be picked and delivered to the pharmacy.


PharmaPost has a modular design and can be adapted to the respective individual needs of a pharmacy. The pneumatic tube system allows discreet or open and problem-free integration into existing architectural structures.

Manual and automatic filling

The dispensing stations can be integrated either in the HV tables or in the sight selection. The aerocom "PharmaPost pneumatic tube system" allows picking and transporting of the goods in interaction with the automated storage system.