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Pneumatic tube systems in hospitals

Are you looking for potential savings and solutions for internal transport in hospitals? 

Do your nurses and specialist carers have to run time-intensive errands despite a chronic shortage of staff?

Our pneumatic tube systems provide a reliable and fast remedy. All hospital departments can be connected to the pneumatic tube system. For example, admission, initial examination, laboratory, operating theatres, blood centre, central pharmacy, pathology, nursing stations, nurses' rooms and supporting areas such as administration, kitchen and many more.

We have the right solution for you!

What can be transported?

Ideal for pneumatic tube system transport:

All kinds of laboratory samples, blood products, drugs, medical instruments, injections, instantaneous sections, cytostatics and documents etc. can be efficiently dispatched using a pneumatic tube system.

Sending and receiving station

 Through-station & end-station

The sending and receiving stations were developed especially for the current demands of a modern hospital.
They are equipped as standard with a transmitting memory for an automatic dispatch and a pneumatically braked carrier arrival. In accordance with hygiene regulations, there is no air leakage during the sending or receiving process. For sensitive goods, the transport speed is individually adjusted. The central control system coordinates all processes automatically. The logging of all processes enables precise evaluation and carrier tracking.

Control software

Our all-rounder in the hospital sector

The microprocessor-controlled pneumatic tube system as single or multi-line system with drive-through or end stations fulfills all requirements of internal logistics in hospitals as well as hygiene. The modern electronically controlled diverter technology allows the dispatch of carriers to any desired destination address.
The multi-line system has a convenient user interface based on a Linux operating system, which visualizes and logs all dispatches. Changes in the typography of the system can be adapted by the administrator in a customer-friendly way via a graphical user interface, even during operation. The graphical statistic functions allow an extensive evaluation of the transport processes. 

Transfer units

Diverter or Linear Coupler transits

The connection between different zones can be realized by diverters or by a linear coupler. All dispatches are monitored and determined by the central control system. 


Different carriers for various applications

Different carriers are available for sending blood samples in AD 110 and AD 160.